Sheet Pan Fajitas

SHEET PAN DINNER! The quickest meal you can make with amazingly tender chicken + crisp-tender veggies with the easiest clean-up!

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No joke. We got one single sheet pan here. Okay, maybe one small bowl as well to mix the seasonings but that’s it. One sheet pan. One small bowl.

So you have the seasonings in your one small bowl and then you have your chicken and veggies all on the sheet pan. You toss them altogether directly on the sheet pan (because, hello, why would we dirty up another dish), throw it in the oven, and then serve immediately with warmed tortillas (corn or flour, your choice).

I like to serve mine with pico de gallo + guacamole but these are also fine as is.

And if you’re like Ben and trying to stay away from “excess carbs” for our wedding, you can totally cut out the tortillas.